Great day at Moonshine

May 06 2021

John Jordan


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Reservation Number : 28321
Property Name : Moonshine Lake
Reservation Date : 05/05/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 45-50 bass
Lures Used : wacky worms, pop-R early

My nephew and I fished this property for the first time and we had a blast. The lake is up from all the recent rain and the grass is about a foot below the surface in the low areas, so most all the lake is fishable at this time. I can see when the water goes down later in the summer it will drasticly cut down the fishable water. Water is very clear with all the grass and the fish are hanging out in the grass. We caught fish from one end of the lake to other and was fairly consistant throughtout the day. Had several double hook ups. And these fish fight like they were twice their size. Hope to make another trip before the waster receeds.

                                                                                       Note about our club

  I started fishing this club in the late 90’s when it was the Great Texas  bass club. My newpew was only 5 or 6 when I started taking him and teaching how to catch fish, get the truck stuck, fall in and many other great memories and that we  still laugh at all the time. Bill Dance has nothing over some of the mishaps we have enjoyed over the years. We all cripe about the rising cost we have to pay and yes there are some lakes that are out of my reach, but we still have enough to go and have a fun day making memories. The benifits of having a place to your self, not jet skies and other drunks on the water kind of makes up for the cost and enjoyment of the solitude and beautiful scenary of the properties, not to mention some of these great people that alow us to enjoy their private property. So thanks for providing us a place to teach our young ones the fun of fishing and the great outdoors.

May 06 2021

Scott Quigley


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Wow, you and your nephew really got on them out there, glad you had such a great day!  Appreciate your note about the club (I wish we had a camera crew with you for some of the Bill Dance mishaps), the reason we exist is to help create great outdoor memories and glad that you and your nephew have been able to collect your fair share of those.