Bass and Barbecue

May 09 2021

Kevin Fuller

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 27993
Property Name : Deer Trail Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/08/2021 All Day - 05/08/2021 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 40 +/- Up to 3 pounds
Lures Used : Flies/Frogs/Spinnerbaits

Finally got the opportunity to fish Deer Trail saturday.  Took a couple of my buddies from church and one of their sons.  Man what a beautiful place and fishy too.   We all caught some nice bass but not any monsters and had a blast.  We caught about 40 bass between us and about half were culls and went home to meet my buddy’s frying pan.  Caught everything around the edges of the weeds that ring the lake and shallow in the south end.  Two of us were fly rodding and two were on conventional gear.  On the fly rods deer hair poppers had the most luck with chartreuse and white clousers and black wooly buggers also landing a few.  Frogs and spinner baits worked best for the conventional guys.  We took a lunch break and went into Sulphur Springs for lunch at Slaughter’s Barbecue – a treat I try to include whenever I fish out that direction and it did not disappoint – they even had some chocolate pie this trip.  It just don’t get better than bass and barbecue.