Violent strikes!

Jun 09 2021

Chad Crady


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Reservation Number : 28829
Property Name : Rock Chimney
Reservation Date : 06/08/2021 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 40 plus 1.5-4.5
Lures Used : White spinner blade/ white blades / chatter bait and whopper plopper

Stopped off on my way to Houston for quick trip and it the property and fishery was incredible. I started fishing around 4 and the bite turned on hard around 5:30. The fish were healthy and violent. I honesty stopped counting around 40, there's no telling how many were caught. Most fish were in the 2-4lb range but was broken off twice. 

whopper plopper on the south shoreline was funnest fishing I've done in years. Explosions were incredible. 

Bigger fish were caught on finger points and near the boat launch bank. If you catch a beast with white on white spinner bait in its mouth, send a pic. 

Can't wait to return, it was truly phenomenal.