Hot, slow bite, and Rainy

Jul 23 2021

Garrett Wyatt


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Reservation Number : 29274
Property Name : Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes
Reservation Date : 07/22/2021 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1 bass, 34 bluegill / panfish
Lures Used : senkos, fluke soft baits, swimbait (kaitech) and generic, nedhead, eurotackle finesse baits

This day did a half day at Hickory Creek. Started off around 1 pm, fished at the dock, and caught many nice sized bluegill, and 1 small bass off boat shed. bluegill bit like crazy on my small finesse baits….

Then went out on the boat to other end near road, but did not get any bites. Went back to dock side of lake, but still , no bites...So i decided to pull boat in, to hit the dock again. Lucky thing, cause as soon as i loaded out of boat, a huge rainstorm hit….let that die down a bit, then bluegill fished some more, but with threatening thunder and more rain on its way, caused me to rethink it. Though, I caught a few more bluegill at dock before i moved finally pulling out.

So, dissapointed in the bass bite, but did have fun catching the sunfish / bluegill at the dock...Used a super flexible fiberglass pole for those, which made it more fun. I was hoping for that awesome, bass dusk bite that i usually get at Hickory Creek. But, the rain was too much, so i had to pass. So called it earlier than i had planned. Fun,  but could have been better, if i would have had a better bass bite..