Awesome Day at Double A!!

Jul 25 2021

Jeremy Besson


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Reservation Number : 29169
Property Name : Double A Lake
Reservation Date : 07/24/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 15-18 1.5lb /5.4lb
Lures Used : chatterbait/swimbait/large worms/crankbait/frogs/whopper plop

My wife and I had the pleasure of fishing Double A, with fellow memeber Jeremy Francis, and it most certainly didn’t disappoint. We arrived early and were in the boat fishing by 7:00 am. We stareted with topowater frogs and whopper ploppers, but didnt get a single blow up. After almost 1.5 hours of fishing we landed our first fish, but this fish was very thin and not very healthy looking. Hoping that wasn’t a trend we let it go, and went back to fishing. About ten minutes later we noticed large schools of baitfish busting out of the water being chased by bass. We quickly moved to that area and withing a couple minutes I landed a beatuitful almost 5 pounder on chatterbait. Following this pattern we managed some beautful fish. Jeremy and I both caught several very healthy fish all having big belly’s. You can tell these fish eat very well and I ‘m sure Double A  will have true giants in years to come. Now let me talk about this again…. My wife had another incredible day of catching great fish! She was determined with her $1.22 “creme”spoiler shad ( from walmart ) swimbaits to boat big one after big one. Let’s just say I think my net skills were perfected by the end of the day. She broke her PB twice, one being 5.11lbs, and then a beatiful 5.40. These fish all fight like giants and we will def be back to Double A!!