Swim bait bite was on!

Jul 27 2021

Scott Quigley


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Fished Timber Lake the afternoon of 7/24 with Carl Sparks and two of his friends after fishing Deer Trail in the morning.  We thought that with the high sun and heat the afternoon bite might be better at Timber Lake with the deeper water…turns out we were right and the bite was much more active than we could have imagined.  I paired up with Carl in his boat to start our fishing and we immediately doubled up at our first stop, from there it was very steady action as the fish were thumping our swim baits (anything that was shad colored or white was working).  We caught lots of fish in the 2-4lb range and all were healthy and great fighters!  Carl lost two that were over 5 on jumps…at least we got to see them 😀, and we lost some other nice fish in the timber.

We were worn out by 6pm and left them biting…no doubt the late bite would have been spectacular as there were signs they were starting to work bait up to the surface in the open water.

Jul 28 2021

Joshua Massoud

Slot Fish

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Nice work Scott!