Lake Encino

Aug 02 2021

Anthony Hernandez


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Reservation Number : 29352
Property Name : Lake Encino
Reservation Date : 07/31/2021 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 9
Lures Used : drop shot and frog

Started at 7am with the frog rod  fishing grass mats nothing was hitting until 9am caught a 4 pounder using a chomppers drop shot worm . Then the dragonflies came out and the bass started feeding . I took out the frog rod and caught  2 more 4 pounders . Not bad for half a day of fishing 

Aug 02 2021

Scott Quigley


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3 4 pounders is not a bad morning at all 😀!  Even better when you get two of them on frog, such a fun bite.  Thanks for all the reports, we look forward to hearing about your next outing.