Slow day at Double A

Aug 02 2021

Stephen Anderson


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Reservation Number : 29338
Property Name : Double A Lake
Reservation Date : 08/01/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1 LMB - 1.5 pounds. 1 - mud cat
Lures Used : Crank baits, chatter baits, worms and spinner baits

Slow hot day at Double A.  On water at 7am. Nice rock ramp, easy to launch big fiberglass boats!! Very deep pond around 32 feet deep. Nice open land with no trees for shade.  Nice grass and weed line around most of the tank. Seen lots of bait balls but they didn't want any lures.  Caught 1 small dink bass and 1 mud catfish.  Land ower is very nice and tried giving tips to catch them.  Then about 2:30 the weather changed and started raining and lightning so we packed it up quickly.  Would return in the spring to see what is biting then.