Great Day 2 @ Dogwood Estates

Aug 15 2021

Stephen Polley


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Reservation Number : 29442
Property Name : Dogwood Lakes Estate: East Lake
Reservation Date : 08/13/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 11 Bass: 4 culled; 1/5.8lbs; 3/3-4.5lbs; 3/2-3lbs
Lures Used : plastic worms, unweighted; Devil's Horse; Whopper Popper, crippled minnow

Yesterday I fished Dogwood West. Today is my first outing at DW East and again I’m pleased that the PW boat is already outfitted with trolling motor and battery. Again the lake is spectacular replete with a marching brigade of Geese directing my entrance onto the water around 8.15am.  Success with topwater Devil’s Horse and old school Crippled Minnow until about 10 am with a 5.8 pounder on the crippled minnow.  With temperature approaching 100 I switched to plastic worm (pumplin and watermelon) at 10 am with considerable success by slowing down my retrieve considerably.  Like the day before I lost several fish with the plastics due to my too quick response or smaller fish.  Only fished until 2pm but was another wonderful outing.  Like DW West Lake the extensive property is beautiful with all the splendor the East Texas piney woods. I hope to be back soon.