Hot Day at Waterboo

Sep 05 2021

Roberto Hernandez


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Had a awesome drive up to the lake. The place allows camping with easy Hammock access. It also had a picnic lounge area under a huge tree providing lots of shade. On the water by 7:15 and was fortunate enough to get me a first cast first catch moment. Plenty of vegetation for the fish to hide under. Lost me a few but manage to catch a handful of 16-18 in fish. All healthy. We left the water around 4 pm. Had a awesome time. Drive slow and watch for wildlife. Don't recommend a vehicle that is low to the ground. Close all gates behind you.Thank you private water fishing for my first experience ever. First of many!

Sep 06 2021

Mark Daugherty


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Great first report Roberto – stick with the club, try a lot of properties – and we will see lots of great reports from you in the future!