slow and bloody at 6-0

Sep 21 2021

John Jordan


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Reservation Number : 29793
Property Name : Six O Ranch
Reservation Date : 09/19/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 17 lmb 5 over 14 removed
Lures Used : swim jig, drop shot , wacky worm

Started around 7:30 on Sunday morning, the water was like glass . no wind and blue bird skies. The grass has taken over about 25% of the lake, all arond the banks and cut off over half the the three fingers on the north end. The bloody part came near the end of the day when a slight breeze and a couple clouds showed up. So what the heck I will try the old pop-r, nothing else was working. Threw it out and bingo , caught one. Brought it in and jerked the 8in monster into the boat and right into my shin running a trebble hook deep into my leg. After a bit I was able to get the fish off the bait and managed to cut the hook out off my leg. I guess if you fish long enough this will happen to all of us. Unfortunitly this is my my third time. Tip: have a good pair of dikes in your boat to cut the hooks off a bait.