Fall day at Jer Mar

Sep 25 2021

Michael Lukich


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Reservation Number : 29854
Property Name : JerMar Lake
Reservation Date : 09/24/2021 PM - 09/24/2021 PM
Total Fish/Sizes : 38/dinks to 3lbs
Lures Used : Lipless crank, wacky, fluke, frog

Fished ½ day p.m. on a beautiful day.  Guest and I caught 38.  About ½ in 2-3 lbs range.  Most were caught east and west side near the weed line.  Also, stumps and brush piles were effective.  Most caught on green pumpkin wacky trick worm(has worked all year) and white and green fluke.  At evening looked forward to a frog bite, not there.  Guest put on a 6th sense chrome lipless crank with a fast retrieve to keep above weed line.  Stayed mostly in middle of lake and dam area.  He caught 6 or 7 in the evening while my wacky did nothing.  Making mental note for next outing.