I need a Butler!

Oct 19 2021

Lane Blundell


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Reservation Number : 30056
Property Name : Butler Lake
Reservation Date : 10/17/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 25 up to 5 lb
Lures Used : buzzbait, soft plastics, crankbaits

Fished Butler on Sunday from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm and it was great.  Cool morning at 50 degrees with about 12 inches of visibility, slightly overcast.   Lots of top water action for the first 2 hours with buzzbait and torpedo with maybe a dozen caught until about 10:00.  Switched to Texas rigged worms and swim-baits and caught pretty steady until about 11:30 when the sun came out and it got a little hotter.  Most fish in the 2-4 pound range with only a few dinks.  Took a 30 minute break for lunch and then back at it and caught another 4-5 fish.  Caught no fish on the east side or against the dam.  Trip 3 months ago caught several up against the dam.  Lots of fish in shallower portion of lake although they tended to be smaller.   Most action on west side against bank.  Did catch a 5 ½ pounder on a crank bait (pic) and a 4 ½ pounder on a swimbait (pic).

There are several boats near the launch site but apparently no club boat at this time. Will one be added?   I brought my 11 ft Sears Jon boat that I bought 40 years ago (it has sat outside that whole time!) and it worked great although the trailer is a little noisy.