Otter Picked Another Day

Oct 20 2021

Tom Strother


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Reservation Number : 30126
Property Name : Butler Lake
Reservation Date : 10/19/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1 LMB/13in.
Lures Used : WhopperPlopper, Senco, Rattletrap

My first trip to Butler Lake resulted in a near shutout.  An early topwater cull was my only catch.  No excuses here, I know this an awesome property  judging previous reports. I just picked the wrong day.  Heavy rain the week before could have been a factor.  For whatever reason the bite was non existent.  Only one tap on a Senco and a lost deep fighter on a crappie jig.  Thinking it was a catfish, judging from the fight.

Ready to try it again there when the time is right.  I did get to view a pair of otters playing near the boat ramp.  Really cool to see and reminded me that fishing trips should never be judged on what is caught, but rather what is experienced.

Good luck and be well Y'all.