Signal Ranch Fall Fishing

Oct 21 2021

Jeffrey Robles


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Reservation Number : 30036
Property Name : Signal Ranch
Reservation Date : 10/19/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 55 Bass from 3/4 lbs. to 4 lbs.
Lures Used : 80% on Senkos, the balance on Rattle-Traps, Crush and Flukes

We fished from 9:30am to 3pm.  Had my 80 year Dad with me and he chose to remain on shore and fish around the main dock, as well as the smaller lake.  My wife, my son and I took turns fishing from one of the provided boats together and staying back with my Dad.  Shore fishing was honestly as good as from the boat when it came to the Senkos.  Fish were chunking and healthy and seemed to be feeding best from 11am to 2pm.  Probably had close to 30 of our fish during that time period.  The reaction baits were the ticket around the aerators.  It was a beautiful, cool Fall day with really good fishing.  Signal Ranch never disappoints.