Great Morning Slow after noon

Oct 24 2021

Joel (Mark) Phillips


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Reservation Number : 30166
Property Name : Five Finger Springs
Reservation Date : 10/23/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6 /3-4 6 under 1#
Lures Used : Whopper plopper wacky rig and black texas rig worm

was on the water a sun up. Fish were biting all over the pond. It is a fun pond to fish but it is small. water is very clear and there are a lot of veg. I caught fish all over the pond but never more than one in one spot. I caught all but 2 before 11 am after that it was pretty dead. Fun spot. but very small . I took my kayak and put in near the owners boat area. it is very muddy right by the boats. deep mud. would recommend putting in by the ramp as it was not muddy.