Extra Slow Day

Nov 13 2021

Ron Wood


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Reservation Number : 30374
Property Name : Lake Side
Reservation Date : 11/12/2021 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : Caught 1, 3 lbs
Lures Used : TR worm

We fished the afternoon at Lakeside, weather was spectacular but the fish would not play nice. We were not able to figure them out. We stayed on the dock and bank toward the dam. I’m still not strong enough to manhandle the boat by myself. The property is beautiful, this was the first time out of 3 trips to Lakeside  that I came close to a skunk on a PWF lake. As I get stronger since my stroke, I’ll be able to get my boat in and out of my truck and hopefully catch lots more fish. I caught 1 fish today, a nice 3 pounder down by the boat launch area. Be safe on the water and tight lines.