Lee Lake - Mid November Numbers

Nov 14 2021

Craig Awtrey


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Reservation Number : 30380
Property Name : Lee Lake
Reservation Date : 11/13/2021 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 59 bass, big 3-11, 23 culled, 15 crappie
Lures Used : ned rig, texas rig worm

This property is amazing.

74 fish between the two of us counting the crappie.

59 bass boated between 8:30am-5:30pm. Big bass was 3-11. About a dozen were in the 2+lb range with 23 in the cull size.

Bigger bass were caught on worms and in the shallow areas on the west side of the lake.

The area around the dock up to about 50 yards south produced 23 fish in a hour between 10:45-11:45 with a bunch of those being crappie over 1lb.

Couple of topwater fish on a popper early before the wind picked up. Always nice landing a few on top.

Wonderful day being out, weather was amazing and the fish were very cooperative.