Butler heating up

Mar 04 2022

Lane Blundell


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Property Name : Butler Lake
Reservation Date : 03/02/2022 All Day - 
Total Fish/Sizes : 50+ Bass, 2 over 5 lbs and half dozen in the 4-5 lb range.   3 crappie over 1 lb
Lures Used : mainly plastic worms, crank baits  and top water

Arrived at Butler around 7:30 with my 12 ft Jon boat to 60 degree weather with fairly clear skys.  Fellow member Dave Michell and I started catching right away with Dave catching a 5 pounder right off the bat.  Steady fishing until around 11:00 when we took a lunch break    Caught most along West Bank and some by the dam.   Few on the East bank or in shallow water.  Bass were thick-heavy and looked ready to lay their eggs.   Caught almost all on senkos, plastic worms and crank baits.   Did catch the largest (5.2 lb) on a small beetle spin (?).   Very few dinks and only harvested 10 fish.   Fishing slowed down some after lunch break when it got sunny but we still managed to catch another dozen or so before we left at 1:00pm.  Did manage to catch 3 crappie that were all around 1 ½ lb.

Beautiful property…..nice and quiet with terrific fishing.   Thanks again PWF and landowner.