Wind was my friend

Mar 05 2022

Samuel Mitchell


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Reservation Number : 31216
Property Name : Beaver Lake
Reservation Date : 03/04/2022 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 50 all between 1-3#
Lures Used : Buzz bait and chatterbait

I had a half day at Beaver and had a blast.  The wind was howling so my hobie kayak and I got moved around the entire afternoon.  However when the wind was up, and I could position along the shoreline the fish could not stand the buzz bait.  Slow retrieve and a dark color for a trailer was the ticket.  In fact sometimes the fish would try and strike it so hard they would miss and come flying out of the water as they miss the lure.  This place has angry fish.  They were all healthy but I could not get out of the smaller class of around 1-3.  When the wind stopped, the water is so clear that I would switch to a chatterbait or small crankbait and would catch a few.  Fishing just the afternoon and a total of 50 fish is a success in my book.  The water was way down so I could see some really good structure for the bigger fish once the water level comes back up.  The property is beautiful and the lake was well-maintained.  I will come back for sure.