Day after the Storm

Mar 18 2022

Joshua Massoud


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Reservation Number : 31521
Property Name : Signal Ranch
Reservation Date : 03/15/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 19 up to 4lbs
Lures Used : Variety - TRIG was the best

Fellow member and friend Zach Polyak and I fished Signal Ranch as a makeup for our Marshall/Heartland trip getting cancelled.  Unfortunately, a massive hail/thunderstorm moved through Dallas and Eastward the night before – we still did ok, just not as well as we would have liked. 

  1. Cloudy, cool, water was 49-52ish and visibility was at about 4”.  
  2. The lake has alot of new brushpiles with about 20 more to be added it would appear (they are setup near the bank, just haven’t been dropped yet). 
  3. Every single bite I had was off the brushpile or on isolated cover near the bank. 
  4. I only caught 1 female, the rest were males.  Zach hooked up with two good females early and each were near 4lbs. 
  5. Black colors ruled the day.  My standby dirty water lineup did not work today and caught everything but 2 on a TRIG creature or senko in blacknblue. 
  6. Bite was light and finnicky – downsizing didn’t help and they weren’t in the mood for loud/moving etc. 
  7. Look forward to going back later in the year. 
  8. I have a bunch of pictures, will upload later but I’m a bit behind on work and I have another report to submit.