Jim Campbell

Mar 24 2022

Jim Campbell


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Reservation Number : 31693
Property Name : Lake Encino
Reservation Date : 03/22/2022 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 2-3lb, 2-2.5lb, 2-2lb, 6-14" or under
Lures Used : All fish caught with ned-rigged Finesse Molton Craw or Caolina-rigged plastic worm fished slowly on the bottom. No luck with swim baits or jigs.

On balance it was a good day at Encino.  The gate didn’t work correctly and the offroad is a little rough and long but we got through that fine.  All afternoon the winds were 15-20mph with gusts to 30.  Due to the wind, we gave up on the boat after two hours.  Almost all of our 12 fish were caught from the shore in 3-5 feet of water approximately 20-25 yards from the shoreline.  All fish were caught either on a Ned-rigged finesse molton craw or black plastic worm Carolina style dragged SLOWLY across the bottom.  We had no luck on swim baits or jigs.  The website states the property is not conducive to bank fishing and that’s mostly true.  We stumbled around on steep banks and rocks but it beat getting blown around in the boat and ultimately we did find 12 bass in a variety of sizes from 1.5 to 3 pounds.