Good Day at Encino

Mar 28 2022

Doug Johnson


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Reservation Number : 31699
Property Name : Lake Encino
Reservation Date : 03/25/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 5 > 4 lbs

Great day at Encino. Had no choice but to fish mid day: 1:30 to 6.  Hot day with temps mid 90’s when we got off the lake.  We harvested 8 under 14 but we had a great day on Big Fish.  In addition to several nice fish I caught 4 fish between 4.04 lbs and 4.40 lbs.  My partner caught one bigger than that at 4.42.  The water is very low but the weed mats were non existant.  Water is about 5 feet low exposing most of the back of the lake.  All fish were concentrated around the stickups and fishing the shoreline produced nothing.  Tried multiple baits but dark red worms produced all the big fish.  Fished some motor oil colored stuff with flourescent tails and that produced nothing.  Red was what they wanted.  Like all lakes around San Antonio, it’s in dire need of some serious rain but nothing on the horizon.  While leaving we saw a huge column of smoke and didn’t know what it was.  As it turns out it was a serious fire, still not under control, right close to Medina Lake.  Friends called that night and told us they were evacuated.  Still problems out there.