Father & son outing

Apr 02 2022

Charles McFarland


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Reservation Number : 31905
Property Name : Julian Lake
Reservation Date : 04/02/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 32 LMB up to 3lbs. Returned 9; culled 23.
Lures Used : Flukes and plastic worms.

Took my son for a morning fish on Julian.  Thanks to the owners for sharing this beautiful property.  The two-man boat worked out great and is trolling motor equipped (bring your own battery).  Water was stained, but visible although lake is pretty choked up with moss, especially on the north (dam end) and west side.  Best fishing in the stumpy area on the east side.  Caught 32, mostly dinks.  Largest was on the nest and weighed 3lbs.  Be mindful there is a 4 foot gator that hangs out on the east bank near the dock.