Beautiful afternoon at Butler

Apr 02 2022

Wendell Vines


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Reservation Number : 31895
Property Name : Butler Lake
Reservation Date : 04/01/2022 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 28 / up to 5#
Lures Used : SP, crankbaits, chatterbaits

Visited Butler with my friend John Bedore on a warm-but-not-hot Friday afternoon.  Encountered a brisk wind most of the afternoon.  Visibility up to about 3ft.  Fishing was slow while sun was high in the sky, but improved some in late afterfnoon.  All fish were caught in the shallows, mostly adjacent to the bank.  Connected with a higher percentage of cull-sized fish than last year, but five over 4# were enough to keep up us hopeful for more.  Took an extended break mid-afternoon to enjoy the great weather, good company and scenid surroundings under the big oak trees.  Thanks to the owners for making this lake available to us!