Easy like Sunday Morning at Waterboo

Apr 03 2022

Ryan Burns


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Reservation Number : 31990
Property Name : Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/03/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 9 LMB; culled a few but most of 14”+ and 2-3lb and several bluegill
Lures Used : Weightless fluke and keitechs on underspin

Arrived around 730am to see the fog lifting off this gorgeous lake. The ride down into the valley is steep and you'll need a pickup or SUV with decent ground clearance. I easily launched my kayak from the bank and quickly hooked into several large and aggressive bluegill – would be fun for the kids. The water was clear and the weeds/grass have started to come in but nothing too heavy. The rest of rhe morning I worked several different color keitech on underspins near the dam with good results. The bass fight hard and ranged in size up to 3lb. I explored the creek area (depth 1-3”) but didn't have much luck. A half day seems just about right to fish this property at this time in the year.