Butler Lake

Apr 07 2022

Marshall Hogue


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Reservation Number : 32018
Property Name : Butler Lake
Reservation Date : 04/06/2022 All Day - 04/06/2022 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 20
Lures Used : Plastics

My son Tyler and I fished Wednesday 4/6 starting at 7 am till 3:45. The day started calm and overcast and we thru top waters with a few hits but no fish landed.

At 8:44 am the front blew in and winds went to 30 mph in a hurry. We stayed with it and faught the wind the best we could. Very tough. We got no bites till around 11:30 after the sun came out. Tyler proceeded to catch a 4.5#, 4.14# and a 4.8# with a couple of 3# also, all had bloody tales. He was using the Googan    Bandito Bug with 1/8oz weight. He caught a few more solid 2#+. I caught a couple 2 1/2# and some smaller and threw everything I had but only caught them on senkos with 1/8 oz weight. Kept 3 culls. 

The fish we found were on the east bank past the point. They were on beds and I kept getting bites but they would run with bait and bend rod but let go at boat with no hook point exposed on bait. I think they may have been small males on the nest.

this is a really nice lake but has no protection from the north winds. I never turned off the trolling motor all day, used reverse to hold boat in position with water splashing over back from white caps. Ended the day basically using wind to get back to launch area. Battery was dead by then. 

Met owner on way out and we had a nice conversation. Looking forward to coming back with more stable weather.