Good Day on Good Friday- Butler

Apr 16 2022

Ron Dupree


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Reservation Number : 32144
Property Name : Butler Lake
Reservation Date : 04/15/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 43 12-22 inches
Lures Used : crank bait, weightless plastics, Drop Shot, vibrating jig

Fellow member John Shepard and I went to Butler and enjoyed a great day on the water. Near perfect conditions weather wise all day from a cloudy windless early morning to sunny and breazy in the afternoon. Early morning bite was best as there was some big time chasing of a bait ball on the west bank. We picked up a few throwing into the chaos with weightless plastics and a white vibrating jig with small trailer then settled into a pattern of traversing the bank and throwing various lures. What worked best was a weightless watermelon fluke or white swimbait popping it through the vegitation. John picked up 5 or 6 just past the point on the west bank with a chartruse perch 3xd throwing out 20-30 yards from the bank (lots of bait indicated on the graph). We had a couple of visitors during the day, my old friend Stretch( a huge soft shell turtle with a neck that can stretch a foot out of the water) and an otter. Ended the day with a total of 43 very healthy bass averaging 2-3 lbs with a couple over 4 lbs and 7 culls.

Water temp was ~ 73 degrees all day and the color was a little more stained then I remembered possibly due to heavy pollen on the surface and recent rains which brought the water level back up to full pool looked like, 

We wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the owner for mowing the launch area and pruning the trees. Much apreciated and adding the two new picnic tables was awesome. I will be back!