Apr 17 2022

Michael Mozier


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Reservation Number : 32100
Property Name : Lake Encino
Reservation Date : 04/16/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3
Lures Used : Senko

Water Clear 70 degrees. Overcast skies.

Someone has taught these fish that if they are hooked to rocket to the surface, shake your head, and you’ll be free! Lost track of how many I lost this way today. No matter how hard I tried, they all made it out of the water.

Was using a Pumpkin Senko with Charteuse Tail. Found that the fish would chase, and take the tail rather than the hard strike at the head. Couldn’t get a good Hook Set. Was able to watch a couple Bluegill at the boat nipping at the bright tail. 

Only managed 3 today, and one overzealous Bluegill that took a Jerk Bait that was almost as big as he was. Bass are lying on beds in shallow parts of the lake.