Apr 24 2022

John Little


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Reservation Number : 32273
Property Name : Lee Lake
Reservation Date : 04/23/2022 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : up to 3lbs, most 15-17 in
Lures Used : wieghtless senkos (pink), Googan-slim shake (blue-metal flake), Zoom-6 in light green

Anyone that fished Saturday knew about the wind!!!!. Blew straight into the boat launch. Really limited areas to fish. Went to the opposite bank and set anchor and cast out with the wind. Water was clear to 3 ft and lake is low but plenty of lake to fish except the shollow end where the weeds start...where the trees start. Tried getting in there but weeds quickly clogged the two trolling motors. By the short time it took to clean the blades, the wind had pushed the boat further into the shollows, then to the bank. To strong a wind to paddle so had to pull the boat from the bank, back to the pier to get access to deeper water. Guess i needed the exercise…..scrapped that strategy. Still was a great day. My guest was an old high school buddy who we hadn’t got togther in 45+ years and who had moved to the Hamilton area recently. Great to catch up, caught 30 total..