Just couldn't get it going

May 07 2022

Joshua Massoud


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Reservation Number : 32331
Property Name : Pecan Gap
Reservation Date : 05/05/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6 up to 2lbs
Lures Used : All of them except the ones that worked

Fished with Glen Armstrong on Thursday of last week at the Gap after the big front rolled through.  We started a little late in an effort to miss the potential thunderstorm that never materialized.  

  1. Water was 74ish, decent stain, clear in spots of the lake but murkier in others.  Milfoil has set in pretty well in most parts of the lake.  Was windy throughout the day, but shifting from west to North about an hour or so after arrival.  
  2. Had some early success in shallow water tight to weeds with shad color baits probably relating to a shad spawn. That bite went away after the first couple of hours. 
  3. Worked the piles, humps, points, and wood pretty thoroughly with limited success.  
  4. Glen picked up a big, spawned out crappie on a rattle trap. 
  5. If I had the right stuff, I would have tried a heavy weight to force a reaction strike under the weedline right at the edge where I believe most had retreated to post storm. 
  6. One of my favorite lakes, but it can be fickle and when you catch it on the wrong day, bites are tougher to come by. 
  7. We did miss a few fish that would have helped our totals when it was me adjusting the trolling motor mid fish or a couple of feint bites where the fish was rolling off or taking the bait when the wind had bowed the line and we couldn’t feel it.