Wacky Fish

May 07 2022

Jordan Massey


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Reservation Number : 32522
Property Name : Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/07/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 18
Lures Used : Wacky Worm & Pop-R

Fished a half day from 6:45 to 11:45. In this time I made three laps around the entire lake and going up the creek once. No luck in the creek. Had a few takers to start off the day on the pop r. Once that bite stopped I transitioned to a swing jig, chatterbait, and spinnerbait all with no luck. Switched to a bubblegum wacky worm which caught me the majority of my fish. All of the fish were just right inside the grass line or right outside of it. The grass isn't too bad right now but come July or so I think it'll be pretty thick. Almost all of the 16 fish I harvested were right at 13.50”. It was almost like I was catching the same fish over and over. The two fish I returned were right at 15”. Nothing bigger than this. All the fish I caught were in good healthy condition. Pretty cool little lake that is very secluded.