Tough day at Signal, with a new PB

May 22 2022

Matt Anderson


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Reservation Number : 32428
Property Name : Signal Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/20/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13
Lures Used : Everything

My brother-in-law and I started at 6am, hoping for a good day at Signal before any rain came. The rain never came, but it was 20+mph winds all day. We threw everything in both tackle boxes at them until 2pm. I had a 3.4 pounder on a whopper plopper up at the far aerator, then shortly after he pulled out a 6.4 pounder at that shoreline on a senko. Only 11 more between the two of us all day, all around 2 pounds each. We tried bluegill crank baits through every aerator, watermelon red senkos, frogs, green pumpkin with red flake Zoom lizards, spinner baits, buzz baits, you name it we tried it with very limited success. Booked again for next month, hoping for some better numbers and less wind. Beautiful property though, the first pontoon’s battery died by 10am so we had to swap it out but the other lasted until we gave up at 2pm and headed out.