Windy, Cool Morning

May 23 2022

Parker Payne


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Reservation Number : 32686
Property Name : Bridle Oaks Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/22/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6/1-2 lbs.
Lures Used : Deep crankbaits and paddle tails

Arrived a touch after 7 with a North wind and 61 degrees, quite a change from Saturday’s 100! We fished from the bank near the dam, and managed to find a few hungry fish. My 6 year old did manage to cast, hook, fight, and land his first bass without much assistance from me, which made for a memorable morning. We also found a few fish on the opposite side of the lake from the dam, all on a white and watermelon paddle tail. Overall, a good morning! 

The gate opener appears to not be working as a ratchet strap is holding the gate closed.