Narrow Slot Size at Leinweber

May 25 2022

Jim Campbell


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Reservation Number : 32722
Property Name : Lake Leinweber
Reservation Date : 05/24/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13 at 10-14 inches; 1 at 16 inches
Lures Used : topwater frog, popper, swimbaits, slow plastics

We started from the bank with topwater frogs and poppers at 7:00am and caught 5 bass, 12-16 inches the first hour.  When the topwater bite started slowing about 8:00, we fished from our inflatable two-man boat until noon.  We caught 9 additional bass in the 10-14 inch slot on swim baits and finesse plastics.  No luck on crankbaits or buzz baits.  The lake has good structure but all the fish were caught off or in the grass which is abundant.  In retrospect, we should have stuck with topwater a little longer as there was activity in the shallows off and on during the morning.  Air temperature was a high of 85 with water stained from a healthy rain the night before.  We hit no homeruns but there was enough activity to make it an enjoyable day on Leinweber.