Butler with Son

Jun 05 2022

Garrett Neshyba


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Reservation Number : 32869
Property Name : Butler Lake
Reservation Date : 06/04/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 40
Lures Used : Flukes & Swimbaits

Conditions: Calm, mixed clouds most the morning.  Launch area still in good shape - launched the a 21' fiberglass boat with no problems.  Good Amount of weed growth along shorelines, but still very manageable to fish around. 

My son and I fished from 6:30-11:30 and had consistent catches most of the morning.  His fluke outfished my swimbait 2:1, with the swimbait yielding higher average weights, although he did end up with the big catch of the day.  We progressively moved out away from the shore as the sun came up and our catch rate stayed the same till it was time to go. Overall great morning with torn up thumbs.