Warm day at Masagana

Jun 09 2022

Tim O'Connor


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Reservation Number : 32939
Property Name : Masagana Farms
Reservation Date : 06/09/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6 lmb 2-5 lbs
Lures Used : Red rage tail

Had wanted to go here for quite a while.  This trip was worth the wait for me.  6 bass, all well above the slot, including a new personal record.  Probably 5lbs+.  Need to ask for a scale for fathers day, and a kayak to hold it.

 No culls or anything else for that matter .  Started at 7:30. A couple of strikes on a topwater but neither got on the hook.  Started working with the weightless red rage tail, rigged weedless, and that's when I started closing the deals.  All good fights. 

This is my first attempt to post pictures so no busting my arse.  Need a little work on selfies, but as you can see I'm ever so much older than 18.

Not sure about the temperature,  but the Water was very clear.  I saw a couple streak toward the rage tail.  There was grass if you fished  a weighted trig senko,  which I tried.  No luck with that

If you fish from the bank, step carefully or wear long pants (not recommended  on a 100 degree day).  Lots of poison ivy, though it's been mowed and is pretty short.  

If you plan on using the john boat there this weekend,  you'll have some bailing to do.  Lots of water in there from the recent rains.  

Met the caretaker, Chuck.   17 year Marine Corps-- force recon.  Talk to him if you get the chance.  

As Arnold would say "I'll be back".