Great day at Beaver lake

Jun 18 2022

Robert Alschbach


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Reservation Number : 33015
Property Name : Beaver Lake
Reservation Date : 06/18/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 65 bass caught 5 two pounders and 60 one pounders or less
Lures Used : Swim jig, speed worm, chatter bait, swim bait, spinner

Had a great day fishing beaver lake from 7:30am to noon. We arrived to find the boat under water probably due to high water. After we pulled the boat out we started catching fish immediately and the bite was on all morning, we caught 65 fish with five 2lbers and the rest smaller fish between 10” and 14” the Junebug color speed worm was the top performing lure of the day with 30 catches.  We had a great time!