Signal delivered

Jun 24 2022

Samuel Mitchell


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Reservation Number : 32782
Property Name : Signal Ranch
Reservation Date : 06/23/2022 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 99 all between 1-4.25 lb
Lures Used : Zoom Lizard, 8" Green pumpkin and Rapala 6' DT crankbait

It was hot on Thursday and I mean really hot.  My team fished hard all day.  We got there at sun up and left at sundown.  Even though the water was turned over and lots of algae in the water (I have been to Signal numerous times and not seen that before).  The frog bite and any top water bite were surprisingly slow to non-existent.  We tried frogs and whopper ploppers but nothing really would get them going.  Once we started throwing TX Rigged lizards, it was on.  Each of us caught really nice, hard-fighting fish all day.  We would have periods of slow to no fish (except Mikey P) who caught nice fish in session 4 around the lake.  One interesting side note, when the cloud cover started, the bass would chase a crankbait.  Late in the day, we finally got some clouds and noticed a sincere interest in the bass to chase something.  Some crankbaits (Caribbean blue and sexy shad) that dove to six feet was all we needed.  The fish were gobbling them up and the crankbait was getting hit as soon as they got down just a crank or two of the reel.  The biggest fish of the day was on the crankbait around the middle of the pond near an aerator. We had a great time and the property sets the bar so high!  When we left, we were tired but it was worth every second.