Fun in the Sun at Beaver Lake

Jun 25 2022

Mark Borge


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June 25th, 2022

We wanted to give Beaver Lake a shot before the overgrowth of vegetation took over this summer. When we arrived around 6:30 am we saw that the grass was well on it’s way and the lake was pretty full. Once we launched and pushed past the thick vegetation that borders the lake everywhere, we found pockets and areas that were fishable. Fish were caught all over the lake, we think about 35 total, all under 2lbs. Most were bass but we took a couple scrappy perch too. Most came on white and chartreuse jackhammer chatterbaits with a light colored paddle tail trailer. In the early morning hours we also caught several on unweighted green pumpkin #297 senkos. Others were caught on a white and chartreuse spinner bait, and top water on a tiny torpedo. Thank goodness a breeze showed up around 9:00 am which helped us cope with the sweltering heat. Working baits just over the tops of the vegetation in a yo-yo retrieve seemed to work best. We left around 11:00 am. Although the fish weren’t large they were scrappy and it could be a challenge to keep them up over the vegetation when reeling them in. We like Beaver Lake because it’s close and always produces. If the bass were fed with shad or bluegill and the vegetation were kept under control, it would be even better, but it’s hard to complain when you can get launched in a little over 30 minutes and spend a summer morning on the water, catching fish consistently. Stay cool out there!