Drought has Hit Fox Lake

Jun 29 2022

Michael Maresh


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Reservation Number : 33092
Property Name : Fox Lake
Reservation Date : 06/27/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 11 - up to 17"
Lures Used : Fly Fishing

This was my first time to fish Fox Lake.  Between the water level drop and vegetation along banks and shallow sections, you are only fishing about 50% of the lake.  That being said it is very manageable to fish with a kayak and the water is crystal clear.  Between the bass I caught and ones I saw paddling around, there are a lot of small bass that need to be culled.  I caught majority on a frog pattern working back out of the weeds.  Caught total of 11 up to 17”.  9 were culled.  Would definately go back, we just need some rain!!