Fun monring at Waterboo

Jul 10 2022

Jeremy Besson


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Reservation Number : 33175
Property Name : Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch
Reservation Date : 07/09/2022 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 25 up to 2.75lb
Lures Used : Frog/Swimbait/SwimJig/Crankbait/T-rig craw

My wife and I fished Waterboo on 7/9 from 6:45- 1130 am. Started from the bank and I had 3 blow ups on a frog, but was only able to land one fish ( still learning to be patient on the hookset lol). We decided to try our luck working the banks and grass line and it paid catching 10-12 healthy fighting beautiful fish. As the temps began to climb we headed for the deeper channel, 12 -16 feet of  water, and were able to catch more solid fish using crankbaits. This was awesome bc this was my wife’s first time to catch using a crank. Lets just say after her 4-5th nice fish, we are building her “ her own” crank bait setup lol. We didn’t catch any giants, but Waterboo is one of our favorite properties for solitude and fiesty fish!

        We were also able to cull 7 fish on this trip and that is fewer than previous trips. All of the fished culled were right at 12-13 inches and very healthy. I am hoping that in the years to come Watereboo will produce some really nice fish.