Steady topwater bite

Oct 11 2022

Ryan Lightfoot


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Reservation Number : 34014
Property Name : Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch
Reservation Date : 10/10/2022 All Day - 10/10/2022 All Day
Total Fish/Sizes : 13 fish up to 2 pounds
Lures Used : Walking bait, popper, glide bait, chatterbait

I went camping with my wife and18 month old daughter and we had a blast and made some awesome memories...trips like this are a major reason I'm a member, not just about catching size and numbers. My wife and I have never camped out and slept in a tent before but we did pretty good for beginners, and our daughter (who absolutely loves the outdoors anyways) had an absolute blast. We did see a pack of what appeared to be bobcats at approximately 9 AM so that was pretty interesting, but they seemed to be trying to keep their distance from us. The only thing the fish seemed to want was topwater and they hit it often enough to keep us intrigued. We didn't fish real hard though because we were making s'mores and chicken nachos on the campfire. We'll definitely be back to this property to do more camping, fishing, and memory making.