Muddy waters

Oct 31 2022


Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 34214

Property Name : Alysha Ranch

Reservation Date : 10/30/2022 PM -

Total Fish/Sizes : 24

Lures Used : Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, Crankbait, Rattletrap, Plastic swim baits, Trig creature baits

Trying to get some tugs on the line at an old fishing hole we have enjoyed in the past. I made a 2 hour trip by myself this time, but I got to listen to the Cowboys play! Anyways the water was up from all the rain, and you could hear the spillway running. I realized it was going to be tough fishing when I first approached the water. The water was milky with debris, and the grounds were really muddy. Getting the boat from the muddy grounds from under the tree to the water’s edge was going to be a sticky and dirty job. Too late to turn around! Fished from about 2-630. Water temp was 63 with no clarity lol. I tried fishing the trench in front of the dock for awhile with no takers. They were not wanting to chase hard moving baits of any sort from the norm. It got me puzzled for a couple of hours, though fishing muddy water didn't help. Finally with the sun coming out, I started throwing a red pumpkin creature bait rigged Trig saved the day. You definitely had to put it on their nose but they aggressively ran with it. Working it around the perimeter on the dam side was the ticket due to debris coming in the other end from the creek. I worked it on the grassline and over the grassline. I ended up with 24, culled 14, and no bigs but they were all healthy & fighters. I had 1 fish snapped my 14# fluoro on the east side of the dam. In the end, the fishing was fun and the boat worked fine. The transom was definitely flimsy and will need new bracing soon. There was a small leak coming from a loose bolt on the transom. Nicely, I had some gum in the truck to fix the leak haha. Will be back. Thank you owner and PWF!