Not a bad day

Nov 30 2022


Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 34421
Property Name : Lake Side
Reservation Date : 11/29/2022 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 18
Lures Used : Swim jig, chatterbait, sb crankbait, rattletrap

The wind forecast was 5-10 mph winds but it seemed like gale winds at Lake Side! I believe the winds were gusting around 25 mph. I launched the boat & trailer around 1230 pm or so. Water level was maybe 1’ low. Great to know I could launch a smaller fiberglass boat & trailer off the bank. I don’t think I would have enjoyed taking the small property jon boat in the heavy winds. Be careful of the mounds of fire ants under the jon boat. Water temp was around 56-58 degrees and clarity was maybe 1’. It was surely dirtier than the usual. The fishing was definitely limited because how Lake Side sits squarely open to the winds. I’ve been suggested to upgrade on the trolling motor and wished I had. It works perfectly fine when it is not so windy lol. The winds were coming out of the SW which affected fishing on the west side and dam but really the whole lake. I gave it a try anyways. Started out trolling the dam and working up the east side. The 65# thrust on the motor was extremely slow. I had to work close to the bank to keep from being blown out to the middle. I had to throw out the anchor at times. The bass were relating to the grassline whatever is left of it. The cold weather has pushed the grass down and back. They were biting on small swim jigs worked over the dark edges of the grassline. The bite was not aggressive but more of a snag feel. As soon as you feel the line get heavy, the bass had taken the bait. With the winds, I was also limited on the lures selection. I stuck with the swim jig, rattletrap, chatterbait, and a square bill. The only lure that didn’t catch fish was the chatterbait which I was surprised. I chose the chatterbait over the spinnerbait because of its compactness. The winds finally subsided around 5 which allowed me to work the pier. I caught bass all over in the shallows, the flats, and the dropoffs except for the dam by the end of the day. I wish I could have done night fishing! I ended with 18 and culled 8. They were chunks. Again, thank you owner and PWF!