They need to fatten up

Dec 22 2022


Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 34573

Property Name : Six O Ranch

Reservation Date : 12/21/2022 PM -

Total Fish/Sizes : 16, culled 11

Lures Used : Crankbaits, Trig worm, jigs, Wacky worm

The fishing has slowed down. There were no monsters. Fished from 1230-5pm on 12/21. The afternoon got a little windy and chilly but there were some sunshine. The lake has come up some but still down about 5’ or so. It wasn’t as clear as usual and the water temp was around 54 degrees. I was trying to cover as much water as possible that afternoon. The flats on the northern side of the lake were most productive. Cranking with a stop n go produced the strikes for me. The trees and grassline around 15-19’ were excellent for working the bait. I would crank up & around the trees thoroughly and would parallel the deeper edges of the grassline. Obviously the vegetation was still expansive along the banks. I am hoping the winter will push them down for early spring fishing. Plastics did not work well because of the winds, and I think the bass were looking for a reaction bite. Thank you owner and PWF!