Solunar tables predicted a great day

Jan 07 2023

Rodney Schroeder


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Reservation Number : 34681
Property Name : Dogwood Lakes Estate: West Lake
Reservation Date : 01/06/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : Culled 5, 2 @17", 7@21"+
Lures Used : underspin, rattle trap, jerk bait

This was my first trip to Dogwood West but will not be the last. I used the provided boat so did not have depth finder so initially had that “fishing in the dark” feeling. Air temp when left Tyler was 40 degrees but by time I got to lake it was 34 with steam rising from a mirror-like lake surface.  Loaded the boat (or so I thought) and was fishing by 7:15. Started working away from the dam but had to go back to shore twice for things I forgot.  Once going again started tossing underspin along dam and missed a couple of probably brim bites. Just over halfway down dam my line stated moving sideways and set the hook in a drag puller.  Got to the surface near boat and realized I had still left net on the bank.  Before I could get off the seat the hook pulled. 

After third trip back to truck for net, started back down the dam and around to stand pipe and gate.  I am guessing this is where the owner releases tilapia he told me about after I finished the day. Picked up 7 17” to 22” in this stretch on the underspin and rattle trap. Crossed lake back towards ramp and picked up all but one cull on a jerk bait and one 21”er.  Just out from ramp, tossed the rattletrap towards the spillway and a fish stopped the slow retrieve.  Once to the boat decided this was a weigher – 7.8#.  Tried a photo but does not show size a fish well.  Wind started picking up before lunch and switched from southerly to southwest making boat handling a bit difficult.  Had visit with owner, loaded the truck and out the gate by 3.

As other reports have stated, these fish are extremely heathly looking.  The largest cull had huge belly but had no eggs and no food in stomach. 

 Boat worked well other than with me in front and no weight aft made handling in the wind more difficult.

Jan 07 2023

Mark Daugherty


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What a quality day Rodney! Can't beat that. Thanks for the report!