Good Afternoon at Waterboo

Jan 18 2023

Pete Lane


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Had a good afternoon at Waterboo yesterday. Temp in the 70’s and overcast, water in low 50’s with 6’ visibility – lake is down about 3’. Caught over 20, about half on a lipless crank, rest on wacky worm in the channel on the far side or on a small swim bait. Really like this place, good fishing and great solitude – saw lots of wildlife including a whole family of feral hogs up on the hillside. Main thing to report is that the average size of the fish here has more than tripled since we started harvesting when the lake came back into the club. Almost all the  fish I caught were in the 1.5 to 3lb range, with most over 2 (biggest was 3). Only one cull. Big thanks to everyone who has harvested here, is making a real difference.