Dirty Water Day

Mar 10 2023

Tim Macmanus


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Reservation Number : 35395
Property Name : Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch
Reservation Date : 03/09/2023 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 0
Lures Used : Whopper Plopper, Chatter Bait, Senko - Multiple Colors, Crank Bait, Rattle Trap and More

Showed up at 12:30pm and because of heavy rains over the last week, the water was very murky with lots of debris along the shorelines and the lake was about 1-2 feet above full. Water visibility was about 6 inches. I fished hard on all parts of the lake for about 3 hours and did not even get one bump. Light rain started at 4pm and I was not tough enough to stick it out. Jon boat worked great. Saw 2 cormorants when I arrived and they flew off when I got out of the truck. Makes me nervous when I see those birds on a bass fishing pond. I have caught plenty of fish here before so I’m chalking it up to dirty water and cool temps. Fish On!

Mar 13 2023

Steve Alexander


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So sorry Tim. Fishing this weekend was great at Waterboo. I hope you will give it another try. Its amazing what just a day or two can make. We had a report of 20 bass over 3 lbs caught this weekend. Get back out there!