Banner day, light winds, makes me happy on the Twins

Apr 22 2023

Tom Jones


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Reservation Number : 36042
Property Name : Cody Ranch Twin Lakes
Reservation Date : 04/21/2023 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 80-90 bass / mostly 2.5 lb in south twin, one at 4lbs. Half our fish were from north twin. Lily pads.
Lures Used : Dark buzz baits and Frogs in every variant worked, watermelon worms, lizards…Log piles held a few fish in both lakes… From shoreline to lily pads in the middle, fish were hitting on top…

Great day. Light winds, partly cloudy...My guest from Houston caught 57 bass...Although there were hours of daylight left we quit when our totals reached 90 fish. Plenty of size, to 4 lbs …several bigger fish spit the bait at the boat. Typical legendary day at the Twin Lakes… bruised bellys and thumbs ripped open.